Here's a sampling of the stationery I brought home from Korea - more to come!


Carlos and I went for an early brunch at Swan last Sunday.


Danica tagged me to post my five daily essentials... so here they are:

1) MAC matte lipstick in Ruby Woo - I really love wearing matte lipstick, and this one is my favourite.

2) Notepad by O-Check - I bought so much O-Check stationery while I was in Korea and on one visit they gave me this sweet little notepad. I'm happy and surprised to see O-Check popping up around Toronto as well.

3) Glasses - My glasses are Alain Mikli and I bought them on a bit of a whim in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. Lenses in Korea are SUPER reasonably priced/amazing quality, hence the slightly less reasonably priced frames.

4) A camera - While in Korea I only used a little Canon PowerShot but now that I'm back, I've been using a Nikon D2H, a Canon AE-1, and this Shironeko Holga that Carlos gave me for Christmas (from Magic Pony). It's very fun to bring out at night - and is, of course, my most photogenic camera.

5) Tinted Moisturizer - I first read about this Dior Pro-Youth Skin Tint on Into The Gloss. It really is good for getting dewy skin.


I've been eating millions of grapefruits (and trying to - unsuccessfully - ward off getting sick).I've been enjoying keeping track of January with Fieldguided's Dreamcats Calendar. Thanks, Anabela and Geoff!
I finally found time to revisit Hoof Cafe to have their Ploughman's breakfast AKA amazing charcuterie at 10am (not pictured: spot prawns and grits + bone marrow donuts, which were, if possible, even more amazing).
I received a really lovely package from Satu in Helsinki with her latest zine full of beautiful shots taken while she was visiting Seoul. Above is an alley in my favourite neighbourhood, Hongdae. On the right is the Quattro, a restaurant that Carlos and I always ate at.

I've also been trying to cook more at home - here is a recent recipe from smitten kitchen: chard and white bean stew. It was sooo good, and yielded lots of leftovers. I'm usually hit or miss when it comes to making poached eggs, but this time was a success.


Fiona Green has such NICE STUFF!


On the street, Sinsa-dong

Vintage shop, Salon Yong, Hongdae

Art Space Pool, Itaewon

Ssamziegil, Insa-dong

Space Hamilton, Itaewon

The Seoul city guide I wrote for the fantastic Design Sponge has been published - here it is! I'm really thrilled to share my findings with Design Sponge's readers (as well as all of you), and hope that everyone who has the chance to go to Seoul will enjoy what I loved most about the city.


Leslie Hewitt
Midday Series
Untitled (Seems to be Necessary), 2009
Color photograph in custom maple wood frame

Untitled (Connecting), 2009
Color photograph in custom maple wood frame

I was very happy to see these two pieces by Leslie Hewitt at the AGO this past Saturday (although I do recognize that it was naughty of me to sneak these pictures inside the gallery, but... I just couldn't resist!). I like her so much.


Awhile ago I posted some scans from Korean label The Centaur's 10 S/S Lookbook. Anyway, I've just noticed that designer Ye Ranji's website has relaunched and you can view her beautiful line in much better quality - I'm eagerly awaiting the S/S 11 collection pictures. If you're in Seoul, the flagship store is located in Itaewon, and definitely worth checking out (I'm jealous).


As you can see, Carlos and I added a little something to our room: a Confetti System pinata! They're kind of a steal at the Drake General Store right now, and there are still a few left. I felt a wee bit silly carrying it through Parkdale, but I'm super happy now that it's up. Plus, it has the sweetest hatch door.


I don't know where I've been looking on the internets, but I hadn't seen artist Jeana Sohn's blog until Danica posted about it last week. Since then, Jeana's new site, solely dedicated to these seriously good closets, has launched at http://closetvisit.com/. I'm dying over singer Nicole Simone's wardrobe (those neutrals!) and am especially inspired by her hair. So much so that I've booked an appointment to ombre up my own locks tomorrow - time for a change!


Carlos is having an art show at the Gladstone Hotel, which runs from January 5th - 16th. The opening reception is tomorrow (Thursday) night from 7-10pm. If you're in Toronto and into cool art, you should pop by and say hello. I'm so proud of him and really excited that he is sharing the pieces he made while we were in Korea with Toronto (although I am missing them from our walls).