Carlos (who is also responsible for the installation on the right) made some shelves to display our favourite magazines - the covers are so beautiful I always feel like they should be up on the wall rather than in a stack on our coffee table. Especially Acne Paper. I bought the postcard version of the Louise Bourgeois Be Calm print in Paris (at Palais de Tokyo) after admiring it in these photos of Cheri's apartment. The masking tape is MT, which I picked up at Merci (whyyy didn't I get more when living in Seoul).

And another for the bedroom - that little t table card needed a place to stand!

Speaking of Seoul, I was part of Elle Girl Korea's 100th issue which celebrated the taste of 100 global girls. There I am at no. 54 talkin' about stuff I like, such as Apartamento, Acne Paper, Zadie Smith, Nars Schiap, Karen Walker sunglasses, Robyn, and Korean stationery.


More Smitten Kitchen dining (as always). My parents came to visit last weekend and brought some things to spruce up our back deck. These peonies came from my mother's garden and have rotated around the apartment all week.

The Monkey's Paw is having an exhibition at 1080 Queen St. West. Really nice prints and an extensive collection of Penguin Classics.
Carlos and I also finally tried Porchetta and Co. (!!!) Just. so. good. TRUFFLE SAUCE every day, please.

I posted about Korean magazine Versus awhile ago, but I really love it. Lots of shade in our backyard!

First BBQ of the season. When my parents came, they also brought Carlos a little bbq for his birthday (Happy Birthday Carlos!). We tried it out last night for dinner (started with hotdogs from The Healthy Butcher - gotta work our way up). We also learned a great tip regarding corn on the cob - squeeze lime juice on it when buttering it up. It was seriously the best. Thanks Daniella!


I LOVE this editorial for online magazine Atomica shot by Michal Pudelka. Summmmmmer.


I'm over on M Dash today for her new favourite dress feature. I've been following/admiring Michelle for quite some time so I was so pleased when she asked me to share my best dress with her readers. Actually, I don't have many (I mostly wear skirts/shirts) but this one is a new-ish addition to my wardrobe and I wear it all the time. Also, I'm pretty sure my satchel is glowing.

About the dress/accessories:

I bought it when I went to Paris from COS. I like it because I love to wear baggy/tent-like silhouettes and I like that it is very basic so it would feel right for multiple occasions. I dressed it up with my neon Cambridge Satchel and a necklace by Toronto designer Jules Power. The shoes are Dieppa Restrepo loafers which I wear pretty much daily.

Thanks, Michelle - looking forward to seeing who's up next!


Lots of Smitten Kitchen-ing followed by outdoor eating this weekend, you guys. Carlos roasted some peppers (for this recipe) which we loved on top of crusty slices of baguette.

In between eating, I did some reading. And movie watching - Midnight in Paris, finally. Owen Wilson was perfect.

Here's Charlie, one of our neighbourhood feral cats. Our neighbour distributes a newsletter every now and then with photos/names of the cat colony. Last night six of the kitties were having a group hang/snug in our backyard. It was definitely the highlight of Carlos's weekend.

For Sunday's dinner we picked up a roasted chicken from Inigo and I made that amazing potato salad again annnd this super easy green bean and cherry tomato salad. Seriously, how much do I/you love Smitten Kitchen? I can't wait for Deb's cookbook.

What are your favourite food blogs/cooking sites?


Stills from the upcoming Closet Visit film by Jeana Sohn.

As I freaking love Karen Walker sunglasses (I have this pair from Chasse Gardee), I almost gasped when I saw that first picture on my reader. Don't even get me started about the flower backdrop. And that second one...so dreamy the next Closet Visit film will be.

Vanessa Jackman: Natalie for Grazia.it

I'm obsessed with that pom pom necklace (which Natalie made herself). So beautiful.

Yara De Nicola via HNTR GTHRR

Those eyebrows!!!


Last night, prior to the ROBYN concert (!!!), my friend Cydnie and I had a salad-centric dinner in my backyard. I whipped together this salad from Smitten Kitchen (which was a great success) and picked up two others from Inigo on Queen West (lentil/squash and beet/apple). Inigo also has just the best roasted chicken and its location (across from the park) makes it so good for a takeout picnic! Next weekend, maybe. Afterward we went and danced our little hearts out to my favourite singer/performer/DANCER. Ever.


Ashley Rowe SS11

Toronto-based designer Ashley Rowe's SS11 lookbook is all kinds of amazing - dream hair, bright lips, and TIE-DYE. What more do you need?