My last beauty post was just over a year ago, and 'top shelf-ing' yourself is a fun thing to do, so I thought I'd update on products I've been using/loving lately.  Plus, my Diptyque candle finally has started its new life as a brush holder and I got a new tray from CB2, so my things look pretty and organized!
I thought I'd include a bit of skin care this time, which is all Aveda.  I love their Botanical Kinetics Purifying Gel Cleanser, which has a subtle, but beautiful aroma and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean without over-drying.  I have a large bottle of the Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion as well, which I use year round, but in the winter I use the Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Creme as well.
As for makeup, products I've been using daily include: Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisturizer in Aspen (dewy skin!), NARS The Multiple in Orgasm (my usual powder blushes - NARS Desire and Gaiety - are on hold until warmer months), YSL Mascara in a burgundy shade (I wanted to try this out with my hazel eyes, but I think I'll go back to black next time), Fresh Sugar Lip Balm (this has been a favourite for awhile, and Sephora gave 2 mini ones as a birthday gift. Great birthday gift, Sephora!), Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and Brush (thanks to Bernadette for the tip), MAC Ruby Woo lipstick (Ruby Woo forever) and Chanel polish in Frenzy.  Note:  Do not add up the total cost of your nail polish collection, no do not do that.
I recently chopped off my hair to a chin-length cut, so I've been experimenting with products that will keep it from looking too sleek (a matte, textured look is my favourite). I'm still using Bumble and Bumble Texturizing Creme and Surf Spray, but have introduced Oribe's Apres Beach Spray as well(also, this stuff smells like watermelons).
What are your favourite products?


My friend Jessica was nice enough to bring me back the latest issue of Lula from her recent trip to London - and it's of course beautiful, as always.  Aside from the prettiest editorials, there are also interviews with Lena Dunham and Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, the director of Turn Me On, Dammit! which I recently watched - so good.

More magazines in my apartment.  And Coriander Girl flowers -always more Coriander Girl flowers.

I bought these poached pears at The Junction Flea yesterday from the SNACKS girls. Can't wait to eat them with millions of pancakes/pound cakes/ice cream, etc.  

 So many birthday pouches! Shout out to Anabela for her very beautiful wrapping job.

Treats on the Nadege patio in November.


Love this interview with Confetti System in the latest issue of 01 Magazine.  Read it here.  Plus, I really wanted to repost the above GIF - so pretttttty.  My own Confetti System pinata, which I bought  on sale at the Drake General Store a while ago, is still hanging around.


Toronto-based photographer Arden Wray has just launched her new website, Boots & Pine, which she describes as a "love poem to Toronto and the creative, interesting people who populate its diverse neighbourhoods." I met Arden through Worn Fashion Journal, where I first saw her work (one of my favourite editorials was shot by her - Very Superstitious in Issue 13).  She takes such beautiful photos, so it was pretty easy to say yes to being part of her new project! My friends Anabela and Tiffany are also there, looking like babes.


Magic Pony and best girls of Toronto celebrated the launch of Rookie Yearbook One by having the CUTEST/BEST party ever.  Here's a photo I snapped of Tavi and Petra's magic cake cutting abilities. Anabela also took some photos with her disposable cat camera, which was very appropriate for the event, seeing as all the Pony Pals were dressed up as sparkle cats.  And HERE are more photos that Rookie just posted of the event - watch for Anabela, myself, and Magic Pony owner Kristin fourth picture in. Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.


Giant coat, pants, sneakers, leather pouch - this is all ideal.

(from the latest Acne Paper, via here.)




A new booklet from Ye Rin Mok, comprised of a collection of photographs taken at her first ceramics class this past spring.

See previous posts here and here.


Uhhhh, looks like I'll be lining up for this (especially for the pea coat and silver clutch).


Love these rope bowls (actual rope cast in resin and marble!) from Areaware. They're available in Toronto at Magic Pony, where I picked up this one.


Window shopping and organizing.
 For Thanksgiving this year, Carlos and I had turkey sandwiches at Nadege - that counts, right? There was cranberry sauce...
Birthday morning in bed, followed by the best club sandwich I've ever had.
 Pretzels at Bad Day's Toronto launch party and a beautiful spread from inside their latest issue.  Naaaaaaaaails.
More nails and pretty insides of books.  Always more of those things.
Also, Tavi is coming to Toronto - there will be a party on October 27th at Magic Pony to celebrate the Rookie Yearbook launch. 

 Coriander Girl flowers two ways:
- At the last Junction Flea of the year
- a birthday bouquet for my room (which has lasted for so long)
My sweet friend Haley brought me back some magazines from the NY Art Book Fair. I hope I can attend this event next year as I feel strongly that it looks like my personal heaven. Also, I'm obsessed with this Little White Lies cover.


Some photos from a disposable camera I bought while in New York and finished back in Toronto - Chinatown, Prune, The Ex, yacht party, popsicle hangs, summmmmmmmmmmer.