Surprise Valentine's flowers from Coriander Girl (duh) - as beautiful as always.
 Brunch at home.
 I still love this editorial from The Gentlewoman - coat on the left, I want you in my life.
 Things I like, on my wall.
 Sunny days on Queen West.
 I can't get enough of Clafouti sandwiches lately - I love the lamb one, but that day they were out, so I tried this meaty kind instead.  V. good.
 All bundled up.
Magic Pony currently has a really cute window display - and it reminded me of Natalie's new website.
I made this salad from the Rose Bakery cookbook.  Chicken, asparagus, and roasted almonds, with a bit of arugula.  I added a boiled egg as well. 


jessica sanders // me, in my winter blankets uniform // portman's window


 Celebrating Valentine's Day with this little raspberry tart from Clafouti (which I was supposed to split with Carlos - oops).
 I put that Girls heart record and Vamp a NY perfume in my latest Found Objects post for Toronto Standard - the perfume was so delicious that I bought one for myself. 
The Species By The Thousands bracelet on the right is a gift from Carlos.  That little "K" one I found in a store where everything is imported from Korea ( <3!!!).  More about that later.

Also, this, forever:


LOOK at these images taken by my friends Anabela and Geoff for Scout and Catalogue's Spring 2012 Lookbook.  And, just try not to order one of these new clutches - Bre's done it again.

Here's an adorable outtake that Anabela sent me.  Confetti kisses:


Laurie Kang - Psychogeography Series

See these + other collage works on display at ESP's current show, The Gatherer.


Top knot times.
Time in bed with the latest 032C.
A simple dinner from the Rose Bakery cookbook.  (More about when I visited the actual Rose Bakery here, and then I made a bunch of salads from the cookbook here.)